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Paris, Also known as the city of Love is the capital of France and situated in the northern side of the country, alongside with the beautiful river ‘Seine’. Paris is full of art, science and most importantly Fashion and hosts ‘Paris Fashion Week’ twice a year. Paris is Famous for its most visited art museum, the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay with some of the most beautiful art collections in the world.

Some of the notable and impressive tourist destinations are Basilica of Sacré-Cœur on Montmartre, Notre Dame Cathedral, Sainte-Chapelle and the very famous Eiffel tower. The streets of Paris are also beautiful because of the beautifully crafted Lamps, referred to as the City of Lights.

The best time to visit Paris is in the summer with the average temperature around 20°C. However Paris is beautiful any time of the year. When visiting Paris you cannot miss the street Food of Paris. It is mouth watering offering Falafel, Crepes and Galettes.

Paris is also famous for its versatile music and artists. The city is known best for Bal-musette, a French style of music and Dance Performance. There is something for everyone in the City and that is the reason why 15.6 million international visitors visited Paris in 2013. Pack your bags and go to Paris because there is a long list of the places you need to go there.

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in Western World. It has a fantastic History, Beautiful Architecture, hundreds of museums, monuments and Art galleries. Places like Cathedrals, Churches, Cemeteries and catacombs.

There is something for everyone according to their taste like Opera, ballet, big concerts, pop concerts, jazz, Sports Arena and gymkhanas, parks, gardens, fashion, culture and food.

The beautiful river seine is beautiful scenery to see and be with every day and because of these things it is very popular city among visitors and people are very much attracted to work and study in the city. People of Paris love their city and keep it as clean as their own home.

A Couple of reasons to organize migration services to immigrate to Paris regardless of where you are from.

1- It is fact that you are allowed to work in France Legally for 35 hours and you get paid extra for the overtime. While a lot of countries have restrictions over it.

2- Worried about Leave? Well don’t be worried because you get 13 bank holidays and five weeks of paid leave for every year that you work.

3- The Government is so helpful that if you are earning less than a limit then you can get up to €240 to pay your rent.

4-The transportation is cheap and very helpful for the new immigrants.

5-Theatre and Sports is another thing which attracts many immigrants.

6- Who doesn’t like music; Paris clubs closes at 4 AM so you can party hard every time you plan one.

7-Never to forget about the food, there are a huge number of dishes to choose from. It’s delicious and cheap too.

There are too many reasons to stay or work in the City of Paris. A lot of people love football in Europe and Paris is home for the prestigious Paris saint-Germain . Some People love all the above mentioned reasons and some people find it attractive in other countries and cities. But if you are the kind of person to whom the city of love attracts then you should not miss your chance.

Stay tuned till we give you more details about the Monument that everyone of us wants to see, The Eiffel Tower. This masterpiece is the tallest structure in Paris and also the most visited paid monument in the world.

Wait for our Next post on the Beautiful Eiffel tower and we will give you some really good facts and reasons to love it more, till then take care.

The Eiffel Tower. So what is the Eiffel Tower?

The Eiffel Tower in iron lattice Tower located in Paris in France. It was named after the engineer whose company designed and built the tower.

The tower has been standing since 1889 and although originally criticized by some of the leading artists in Paris. It has become a global icon of France and easily one of the most recognizable structures that exist in the world today.

The most paid monument in the world the tower received its 250 millionth visitors back in 2010, and now that it’s 2015 this number has already considerably grown.

A total of 324 meters with a base of 125 meters is one of the tallest man-made structures in the world. The tower consists of three levels with visitors able to attend with restaurants both on the 2nd and the 1st floor.

The third and final floors is an Observatory platform which is approximately 276 meters above ground giving complete views of Paris and beyond.

Paris we all apperceive is advised as one of the vast abode of the world. Paris, France’s basic is an above European city-limits and an all-around centermost for art, fashion, gastronomy and culture. It’s arresting 19th-century cityscape is crisscrossed by advanced boulevards.

Beyond such landmarks as the Eiffel Tower and the 12th-century, Gothic Notre-Dame cathedral, the city-limits is accustomed for its bistro ability and artist boutiques. It’s adorableness is not hidden from anyone.

Adorableness is said that lies in the eyes of the beholder. But Paris is one such abode whose adorableness is accustomed by one and all. The abode has some of the anesthetic and affection demography things to visit. One cannot about-face their eyes off from the abstract of Paris.

There are abounding places to appointment and plentiful things to do in Paris. With so abundant to see and do in Paris, it’s harder to attenuate it down to the essentials while still accepting an acquaintance that’s an acceptable antithesis of aggregate the city-limits has to offer.

Explore the Musée d’Orsay: Housed beneath the aerial roof of one of Paris’s admirable old Beaux Art railway stations, the freshly adapted galleries of the Musée d’Orsay accommodate the world’s better accumulating of Impressionist masterpieces.

Eiffel Tower: appointment the acclaimed Eiffel tower. Appointment the Musée Rodin, Enjoy the Palais-Royal Gardens, Enjoy the Le Fumoir, Explore the Promenade Plantée and Promenades des Berges. This three-mile aisle of blooming area aloft the Viaduc des Arts, an above railway, includes annual gardens, aggressive rose arbors, fountains, sculptures, and some admirable vistas of Paris streets.

Stroll the Luxembourg Area etc. There are abounding added things to see and do in Paris. Be in this city-limits and yield lifetime happiness.


Today is Fact Fun Friday, and we want to give you some Fun Facts for this day. So here they are:

1. Every single Tree in Paris is referenced and measured.. all 470,000 trees.
2. There are almost 200 places you can get an espresso from for 1 Euro…
3. It would take you 30 years to visit every single open terrace in Paris (visited one a day) as there are 9057 of them
4. Need a condom? There are 31 condom machines floating around Paris.
5. How about traffic signs? Well there is only ‘ONE’ Stop sign in the entirety of Paris
6. Emmanual the Bell in the Notre Dame Cathedral weighs over 13T
7. Have you walked down many Paris Streets? How about all 6100 of them?
8. The shortest street is less than 6m long (5.75m to be exact)
9. Yumm for bakeries. Which of the 1784 bakeries in Paris is your favourite?
10. Why not wash your baked goods down with a drink from one of Paris’ 1124 Bars

Fun Fact Friday

Paris we all apperceive is being instructed as one regarding the immeasurable dwelling place theworld. Paris, France’s essential is an above European city-limits and an inside and out centermostfor workmanship, design, gastronomy and society.

Past such historical points as the Eiffel Tower, Gothic Notre-Dame house of God, as far aspossible is average for its bistro capacity and craftsman boutiques. Its lovableness is not escapedanybody.

Charm is told that lies according to the viewer. In any case, Paris is one such house lovablenessis usual by every last one. The homestead a percentage of the sedative and love demographythings to visit. One can’t turn around their eyes off from the unique of Paris.

There are flourishing spots to an arrangement and dark things to do in Paris. With so rich to seeand do in Paris, it’s harder to weaken it down to the essentials while as yet tolerating an associatethat is a worthy absolute opposite of total as far as possibly brings to the table.

Investigate the Musée d’Orsay: Housed underneath the flying top of one of Paris’commendable old Beaux Art railroad stations, the naturally adjusted exhibitions of the Musée d’Orsay oblige the world’s better aggregating of Impressionist magnum opuses.

Eiffel Tower: arrangement the acclaimed Eiffel tower. The arrangement the Musée Rodin, Enjoy the Palais-Royal Gardens, Enjoy the Le Fumoir, Explore the Promenade Plantée and Promenades des Berges. This three-mile path of blossoming territory overhead the Viaduc des Arts, an above railroad, incorporates perennial gardens, forceful rose arbors, wellsprings, models, and some honorable vistas of Paris avenues.

Walk the Luxembourg Area and so forth. There are proliferating added things to see and do in Paris. Be in this city-constrains and yield lifetime by

When you think about Paris, you automatically think about the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, or the Arc de Triomphe.

While these places are absolutely gorgeous, they will be full with tourists. If you are the kind of person who doesn’t want to go and spend time with other tourists, maybe you want to go and check out some of the secret places in Paris.

A Youtuber named Mathieu Stern compiled all the secret places in Paris that locals wouldn’t want you to know. Most, if not all, of the areas presented here are free so you can just spend a day checking them out. They are perfect for people who want peace and quiet.


When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in France, speak as the French do.


The Frseine-1567383_1280ench are much friendlier if you approach them in French. Yes, speaking in French if you’re a tourist is harder, but consider the opposite end of the equation. If you’re French and barely speak English, you’re not going to be happy about the situation either.


If you’re both struggling, the conversation is on a level playing field.


Besides, when in a foreign country, it’s only practical to learn at least a few basic phrases. So, to help those of you coming to beautiful Paris, here are a few handy phrases you should learn.


“Je parle (un peu de) francais.”


“I speak (a little) French.” The phrase is useful if you do speak a little French, or if you can talk the language. You’re letting the local know that he won’t be confusing you by using his native tongue.


If you admit to speaking only a little, you’re giving him a heads-up. You’re telling him to keep it simple. Anything complicated will need to be in English.


“Parles-vous Anglais?”


“Do you speak English?” A phrase you’ll be repeating, so you’d best get to know it intimately. Not everyone in Paris can talk in English, so this question can help filter them out. Whether lost or you’re looking for something specific, if you can’t speak French, you will need this phrase.


“Je ne comprends pas.”


“I don’t understand.” This phrase is essential, because chances are, you won’t understand everything. Admit to that and hope the person you’re talking to is willing to explain.


Usually, you’ll be following it up with…


“Que veut dire ____?”


“What does ____ mean?” If you don’t know what something means, you should ask before assuming anything. French can be a complicated language, and there are Parisian terms that you might not be familiar with even if you can speak French.


“Repetez, s’il voul plait.”


“Repeat, please.” French can be dizzying to listen to, especially if it’s spoken quickly. You’ll be saying this a lot if you’re new to Paris.


Usually, you’ll be adding “Plus lentement,” which translates as “more slowly.”


If you’re slow, you’ll also get mileage out of “Encore un fois.” “One more time.”


“Comment dit-on ___ en Francais?”


“How do you say ___ in French?” This phrase is going to be very useful for you, especially if you think you can get around Paris easier if you use French more than English.


“Je ne sais pas.”


“I don’t know.” You will be using this a lot.


Finally, we’ll have two related phrases. The first is “J’ai une question” and the second is “J’ai un probleme.”


The first translates as “I have a question” and the second is the more severe “I have a problem.” Depending on the situation, you might want to use the second over the first.


There are, of course, other phrases that you’ll want to learn. However, these should be enough to help you get through being a tourist in Paris.